High Performance Teams

At The Performance Hub, we are Systemic Team Coaches. We focus on organisational performance and prosperity.


Our High Performance Team programmes develop leaders and teams to become the best team that they can be, through our proprietary Framework2Align method. We are leading experts in this area


We believe that the success of an organisation is determined by the ability of the Leadership Team to create an environment where the organisation’s purpose is clear and compelling and there is recognition that the behaviours they role model are integral to the results obtained. We are passionate about working with Leadership Teams and Management Teams to support this level of attainment.


At Performance Hub, our success is dependent on creating a partnership with our clients to not only assess team performance but to provide the tools necessary to become high performing.  Our proprietary Framework2ALIGN© method includes coaching the team together and apart to improve interpersonal relationships, clarify the team commission and purpose, establish performance goals and improve communication with key stakeholders and the wider organisation.



We know that

Teams who want to be high performing need a structure to measure themselves against


Helping teams perform is complex work due to the inherent dynamic of any team. We always use two team coaches to deliver all work to ensure we can pay attention to everything that is happening in the room.


Teams don’t become high performing overnight. We design our programmes to enable incremental performance building over a series of team workshops.


The team is the client – so we get agreement with the team on what success from working with us looks like, agreement on confidentiality and agreement on team commitments.


We also recognise the unique position of the team leader and so we purposely support them one to one before, during and after the work to help them lead the team and to ultimately transfer the role of team coach to the team leader.



Would you like to know more about our programmes:

Framework 2 Align and The Rocket Model?

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Our Programmes and Tools


Team Performance Health Check


The TPHC enables a team to self assess their performance and seek 360 feedback through a structured online team assessment survey.  We then provide a “live feedback session for the team to hear the data together in a one day off-site and help the team make sense of and gain insights from the data.


Leadership Development:  How to Build a High Performance Team


A two day programme designed for busy leaders to equip them with the tools and techniques to develop their teams into high performing teams.  We provide a practical framework for leaders to follow and implement with their teams in an energising way as part of their leadership development.


Systemic Team Performance Coaching Programmes


A 9 to 16 months team coaching programme.  We work with the team, together and apart during this time.  We design a series of bespoke two day work shops over the period of the coaching programme to support the team with gaining clarity on its purpose, strategy and to define measurement metrics to benchmark its success, and, in parallel work with the team “live” to improve its behaviours, buy-in and morale.




 This end-to-end process blends:

    Team Assessment for Performance - see The Rocket Model

    Team Coaching & Facilitation

    Individual Coaching in service of Team Performance

    Organisational Development

    Organisational Consultancy

    Enhanced System Awareness

The Rocket Model

Developed by Drs Gordan Curphy and Robert Hogan.


The Rocket Model is a research based model of high performing teams that is intuitive, insightful and provides teams and team leaders with a practical and implementable structure to build a high performance team.

We are Ireland and the UK’s only licensed administrator of The Rocket Model method.


To learn more about the model, contact us.



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